The Election Agenda and "Out of Mind, Out of Sight"

May 7, 2014

The latest in The Agenda's Ontario election coverage. And, ahead of the world broadcast premiere of the documentary "Out of Mind, Out of Sight", The Agenda examines the human toll of "not criminally responsible" declarations.

  The Election Agenda: Nearly Departed. And, Syria, Abandoned?

May 6, 2014

The Agenda examines the latest developments in the Ontario election campaign in tonight's Your Vote 2014 coverage: what departing MPPs are leaving behind. And, over three years since the start of the Syrian war, The Agenda examines if the West has done enough to stem the tide in Syria.

  The Election Agenda: Hitting the Hustings

May 5, 2014

As our Your Vote 2014 coverage begins, NDP Leader Andrea Horwath sits down with Steve Paikin to explain why she couldn't support the Liberal budget. And, The Agenda looks at some of the main issues ahead on the campaign trail.

  Ontario Heads to the Polls, and The Agenda's Week in Review

May 2, 2014

It's on. Ontario will head to the polls June 12th. The National Post's Scott Stinson and QP Briefing's Ashley Csanady join Steve Paikin for more on what they'll be watching for in the coming weeks. Then, from dissecting Ontario's budget, to remembering Rwanda, we'll also bring you the Week in Review.

  Opening Ontario's Books

May 1, 2014

It's Budget Day in Ontario. The Agenda examines what the budget means for the province financially, and politically.

  A Way Out

April 30, 2014

Ontario will deliver its budget this week. What will the numbers hold for those living in poverty? The Agenda examines what can be done to eradicate poverty in our province.

  Building on Awareness

April 29, 2014

Tim Hortons franchisee Mark Wafer on the business advantages of hiring disabled Ontarians. Then, on World Autism Awareness Day, The Agenda examined the changing diagnosis around ASD. Tonight, we look beyond the spectrum to supports available to autistic adults.

  Never Again?

April 28, 2014

Two decades ago, the world watched in horror at what was happening in Rwanda. What did we learn from Rwanda, and what can be done to predict and prevent future genocides from occurring?

  Putting the Brakes on Keystone, and The Agenda's Week

April 25, 2014

Viewers vote, The Agenda airs it: our Story of the Week, selected with input from our viewers: what the delay of the Keystone XL means for Canada's oilsands. And, highlights from The Agenda's week of programming in our Week in Review.

  All is Fair in Love (and Elections)

April 24, 2014

The Harper Conservatives have a plan to change how elections are run and Canadians vote. It's called the Fair Elections Act, and it's not sitting well with everyone. The Agenda examines both sides of the Act.