Rail Safety Recommendations and Revving Jobs Growth

January 28, 2014

Canada's rail safety watchdog has released a list of recommendations in the wake of the Lac-Megantic derailment disaster. The Agenda examines the safety record of Canada's rail industry. Then, there are many parts to the jobs growth puzzle. Where should the onus of job growth lie?

  City Champions

January 27, 2014

86% of Ontarians live in urban areas. What does it take to keep those cities working? The Agenda examines the role Community Foundations play in building and maintaining of cities.

  The Mind's Story, The Mind's Week

January 24, 2014

Dr. Norman Doidge joins Steve Paikin to discuss our viewers' selection for Story of the Week: what's behind the placebo effect? Then, from building a better brain to tapping into the unconscious, The Agenda brings you highlights of our Mysteries of the Mind week of programming.

  Mysteries of the Mind: Body Over Mind?

January 23, 2014

We often hear about the mind-body connection, but your body influences your mind to a great extent as well. In this instalment of our Mysteries of the Mind series, The Agenda explores what can be done with the body to benefit the brain.

  Mysteries of the Mind: Tomorrow's Brain

January 22, 2014

Technology is changing our lives. Our brains are not immune to these changes. The Agenda explores what technology might deliver in this third instalment of our Mysteries of the Mind series.

  Mysteries of the Mind: Unlocking the Unconscious

January 21, 2014

New views of the unconscious are giving fresh insights on how it serves as a resource for the conscious in our everyday lives. In this second instalment of our Mysteries of the Mind series, The Agenda explores the unconscious.

  Mysteries of the Mind: Get Smart

January 20, 2014

If you could increase your brain's abilities, would you? The Agenda begins its Mysteries of the Mind series with an examination of what can be done to rejuvenate and recover brain power.

  Opposing Views on the Oil Sands, and The Agenda's Week

January 17, 2014

We count the votes and air the story: Neil Young's oil sands controversy. Then, from the 2014 economic outlook to counting on Ontario's math curriculum, The Agenda brings you the Week in Review.

  Adding it Up

January 16, 2014

Ontario student math achievement is slipping. The Agenda examines what the province and educators can do to reverse the trend. And, Author John Boyko on Canadian involvement in the US Civil War.

  Forecast for '14

January 15, 2014

Will the loonie plummet? Will the housing market tumble? Will inflation remain stable? The Agenda examines what lies ahead for the economy in 2014.