New Approaches to Mental Health

May 7, 2015

The Agenda looks at new insights into mental health - first, how Eastern practices of meditation and mindfulness have influenced Western ideas. Then, depression can be rooted in the body and specifically due to stomach bacteria or inflammation. What new treatments can come out of these discoveries?

  The Loneliness Effect

May 6, 2015

Loneliness is on the rise, and despite being detrimental to good health, it's still a fairly taboo topic. The Agenda looks at the surge in loneliness at a time when connection seems so easy, and discusses how, if left unchecked, sufferers risk physical and mental health issues that can shorten their lives.

  Young Brains, Young Minds

May 5, 2015

As science reveals more about mental health and the importance of early brain development, The Agenda looks to the early years to see how this stage in life affects cognitive, emotional and physical well-being.

  Male Brain, Female Brain

May 4, 2015

TVO's Mysteries of the Mind week features the documentary, "Is Your Brain Male or Female," airing directly after The Agenda. Tonight, Steve Paikin and a panel of experts discuss how the brain differs between the sexes, how processing information and approaching situations varies, as well as how mental health issues uniquely affect men and women.

  Ontario PC Leadership Debate and The Agenda's Week

May 1, 2015

The Agenda presents a debate between PC leadership candidates, Christine Elliott and Patrick Brown. Then, The Agenda brings you the Week in Review.

  Outrage and Offence

April 30, 2015

It seems these days people are more inclined to voice their outrage, both online and in real life. Is this a legacy of social media? How does the so-called "call out" culture encourage or limit conversation.

  The Question of Privilege

April 29, 2015

Whether or not a person experiences "privilege" can affect their political and personal viewpoint. The Agenda examines what role the question of privilege has in our politically correct society.

  The Divide on Political Correctness

April 28, 2015

This week, The Agenda takes a look at the state of political correctness. Tonight, is there a growing divide among liberal thinkers on political correctness? Are "social justice warriors" changing ideas about race and gender or are they simply policing speech?

  New Chief, New Start? And, Science Fact or Science Fiction?

April 27, 2015

Journalist Desmond Cole talks about the many incidents of racial profiling he has encountered and discusses the future of policing under Toronto's new chief. Then, The Agenda looks into what is fact-based and what is faulty science on the Internet and how to curtail the spread of misinformation when it comes to health and well-being. And a look at the dangers of Roundup, a pesticide with known health risks.

  Mohamed Fahmy and The Agenda's Week in Review

April 24, 2015

Mohamed Fahmy joins The Agenda from Cairo, where he is still trying to clear his name after his imprisonment there. Then, from Ontario's budget to checking in on Russia and Canadian parliamentary pitfalls, The Agenda's week in review.