Gay at the Games

Russia's anti-gay law has sparked complaints and international outrage ahead of the Olympics. The Agenda looks at the controversy. Then, Author Marc Bennetts on the protests over Putin.

Russia, Rainbows and Repression

An examination of Putin's anti-gay legislation, the divide between the West and Russia on homosexual rights and how these issues are playing out during the Sochi Games.

Professor, Philosophy and Gender, Women and Sexuality Studies, Gustavus Adolphus College
Columnist, Maclean's
Matthew Rojansky, Director, Kennan Institute, Wilson Center
Executive Director, Egale Canada

Marc Bennetts: Developing Dissidence

At the close of 2011, 100,000 Russians took to Moscow's streets to protest United Russia's electoral victory. For the first time, Russians are beginning to notice a chink in Putin's armour. Marc Bennetts, author of "Kicking the Kremlin" sits down with our host Piya Chattopadhyay to discuss the growing opposition movement within the largest country in the world, its diverse and struggling membership, and the unwavering administration that stands in its way.

Author, "Kicking the Kremlin"