Big Science, Little Money

Governments are strapped. Research dollars dwindling. What happens to scientific research in this reality? The Agenda examines if the world needs big money for big science.

Chris Hadfield: Space Oddity

He is unlike any other astronaut who came before him. During the five months that Canadian Chris Hadfield led the International Space Station, he was fully engaged with earthlings back home through social media and music. Chris Hadfield visits The Agenda to talk about his recent mission, along with his life-long mission, and his past and future roots in Ontario.

Canadian Astronaut, Engineer & Pilot

The Challenge of Big Science

From the massive postwar effort to put a man on the moon, to the mapping of the human genome, incredible scientific progress has been made through the large-scale national or international efforts. But in the age of sovereign debts and shrinking coffers, do we have the political and social will to continue building particle colliders and solving the remaining mysteries of science?

Professor of Planetary Science & Physics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Director, Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics
Professor, Physics & Astronomy, University of Texas at Austin
The Curious Wavefunction Blogger, Scientific American