Can Scientists Speak?

Allegations continue to swirl that Canadian scientists are being muzzled by the federal government. The Agenda examines the validity of those claims.

Silencing Science?

In September, scientists from around the country rallied at Queen's Park to protest federal government cuts to scientific programs and the so-called "muzzling" of government scientists. This comes after a similar protest on Parliament Hill in July of 2012 dubbed "The Death of Evidence." Is science being silenced in Canada? Should scientific organizations be out of "arms-reach" of government? The Agenda examines these questions.

Co-Founder & President, Canadian Science Policy Centre
Editor-in-Chief, Walrus Magazine
Author, "The War on Science: Muzzled Scientists and Wilful Blindness in Stephen Harper’s Canada"
Assistant Professor of Biology, University of Ottawa

Andrew Weaver: The State of the Climate

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released its fifth assessment this past September. Andrew Weaver, one of its lead authors, joins Steve Paikin to discuss the basics of the report and the effects of climate change.

Deputy Leader, BC Green Party