Divided Alliances

Not in my school: The Agenda examines the debate over gay-straight alliances, and how that has reignited the separate school funding issue.

Laurel Broten: Getting Tough on Bullying

Ontario Minister of Education Laurel Broten speaks with Steve Paikin about Ontario's bullying problem and what her government plans to do about it.

Ontario Minister of Education

Raymond de Souza: Bill 13 and Catholic Schools

The Ontario government's new legislation allows for the creation of Gay-Straight Alliances in all schools - including separate schools. Catholic leaders say this contravenes their religious teachings. Father Raymond de Souza speaks to Steve Paikin about Catholicism's stance on homosexuality.

Editor-In-Chief, Convivium Magazine

Separate School Tipping Point

The battle over allowing Gay-Straight Alliances in Ontario's separate schools has some Catholics wondering how "Catholic" their schools are. The Agenda asks: Has taking public funding watered down Catholic values?

Vice-President, Mission and Catholic Identity at Sacred Heart University
Senior Associate Counsel, Miller Thompson LLP
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