Canada's New Immigration

The Agenda examines the Harper government's plans for transforming Canada's immigration system.

Jason Kenney: Bottom Line Immigration

Immigration Minister Jason Kenney wants to match the needs of immigrants with Canada's economic needs. He joins Steve Paikin to discuss his plan.

Federal Minister, Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism

Realigning Canadian Immigration

In an effort to modernize Canada's immigration process, the Harper Government has introduced several key proposals. The Agenda looks at what the proposals mean for those coming to Canada.

Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Toronto
Co-Director, FCJ Refugee Centre
Professor of Economics, McMaster University
Editor-in-Chief, The Weekly Voice
Assistant Professor, Political Science, University of Toronto Scarborough

Agenda Insight: Spring, Hope and Revolutions

Agenda Insight Essayist Janice Stein on the Arab Spring and failed revolutions.