Jack's Seat and the Trail of Pierre Poutine

The main contenders for the late Jack Layton's Toronto-Danforth seat sit down with Steve Paikin ahead of the by-election. And, Susan Delacourt on the robocalls scandal.

Filling Jack Layton's Seat

As the federal by-election in Toronto-Danforth heats up, The Agenda assembles the main contenders vying to fill the late Jack Layton's seat.

NDP MP, Toronto-Danforth
Liberal Candidate, Toronto-Danforth
Green Party Candidate, Toronto-Danforth

Susan Delacourt: Political Ethics, An Oxymoron?

On robocalls and political rivalry: Toronto Star Ottawa writer Susan Delacourt joins Steve Paikin to discuss the political drama on Parliament Hill.

Author & Political Journalist

Agenda Insight: Quality Over Quantity

Two governments, two fiscal challenges: Agenda Insight Essayist Tony Keller on the economic realities in Ontario and Canada.