Big Auto: Bailouts or Bankruptcy?

It's been three years since bailout funds were delivered to save North America's auto industry. The Agenda looks at what the bailouts accomplished, and how they defined a new role for government in business restructuring.

Saving Big Auto

Bailout vs. bankruptcy: Billions were spent on the auto bailouts and tens of thousands of jobs were saved. But did the auto bailouts accomplish what was truly needed for the industry?

Fmr. Attorney-General and Minister of Economic Development, Province of Ontario
Professor, Labour Studies and Economics, McMaster University
Senior Principal Economist, IHS Capabilities
Vice-President of Canadian Policy Research, Fraser Institute
Senior Fellow, Cato Institute

George Magliano: Recharging the Volt

General Motors is idling production of the Volt. Auto sector economist George Magliano tells Steve Paikin why consumers aren't buying the vehicle.