Light on the Liberals

Peter C. Newman on the future of Liberal Canada and author Paul Litt on Canada's 17th prime minister, John Turner.

Peter C. Newman: The Death of Liberal Canada?

Party under the microscope: Peter C. Newman tells Steve Paikin why he believes the Liberal Party of Canada is on the verge of collapse.

Journalist and Author

Paul Litt: John Turner's Elusive Destiny

John Turner was Canada's 17th prime minister. Carleton University historian Paul Litt has written a new book examining Turner's political life, and why he didn't rise to the heights always predicted for him. Paul Litt joins Steve Paikin.

Associate Professor, Department of History and School of Canadian Studies, Carleton University

Agenda Insight: New Year, New Hope

Resolutions and relationships: Agenda Insight essayist Carla Lucchetta and her 2012 resolution.