The Medical Edge

Dr. Chil-Yong Kang on the human trials in the Canadian-developed HIV vaccine. Then, new doctor Jeremy Levenstadt on his job options. And, Northern Ontario School of Medicine graduate Alex Mantha on practising in Ontario's North.

Yong Kang: The HIV Vaccine

Human trials are beginning for a Canadian developed HIV vaccine. The vaccine's head researcher Dr. Yong Kang sits down with Steve Paikin.

Virologist, University of Western Ontario

Jeremy Levenstadt: Options After Medical School

Time to practice: Medical students have many options available to them after graduation. Jeremy Levenstadt is a newly minted doctor. He sits down with Steve Paikin to discuss his career options.

Medical Student, University of Toronto

Alex Mantha: Med School North

The Northern Ontario School of Medicine opened in 2005 in an effort to address health care needs in an underserviced Northern Ontario. As part of their training, in year three of the program, each of the school's students spends eight months serving a Northern community. Student Alex Mantha tells Steve Paikin about her experience in the North, and whether she intends to practice in Northern Ontario.

Medical Student, Northern Ontario School of Medicine