It's the End of the World

The Mayans told us 2012 was the end. Movies and books are picking up on that same theme. Why are prophecies of doom so prevalent in today's world?

Lee Clarke: Disaster and the Human Response

From the economic collapse to the tsunami in Fukushima this past year, disasters bring out a variety of behaviours in human beings. Author Lee Clarke joins Steve Paikin to discuss why we might act in self-interest or altruistic ways when faced with the worst-case scenario.

Professor of Sociology, Rutgers University

The End of the World

We see it in blockbuster movies like "2012" and "Contagion." We read about it in books penned by environmentalists and existentialists: the apocalypse is upon us. The Agenda examines why prophecies of doom are so prevalent and what the phenomenon says about the human condition.

Professor Emeritus, University of Toronto
Distinguished Senior Fellow, Munk School of Global Affairs
Professor of Religious Studies, Manhattan College
Professor of Anthropology, York University