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Your Responses to Bill 115

by Mary Taws Friday November 9, 2012

In a November 1 blog post, Steve Paikin asked for your advice: in a potential program about Bill 115, the Putting Students First Act, which parts of the bill should we focus on? 

You responded. In droves. There's a great discussion going on in the comments thread of the blog post itself, but we're also getting a lot of feedback on Twitter and Facebook. Below is a compilation of some of the responses we've received so far.

It's clear that for many of you, any program we do in the future about Bill 115 should focus on the potential power the bill gives the Minister of Education, and the concern for the future of collective bargaining in Ontario.

Thanks to everyone who responded. If you haven't weighed in yet but would like to, please add your thoughts in the comments section below, or reach out to us via social media. Tell us what you'd like to see in The Agenda's coverage of the bill.

Image credit: The Canadian Press/Aaron Vincent Elkaim/Globe and Mail Inc.