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This Week on The Agenda: Innovation; Learning Through Play; and Kathleen Wynne

by Navin Vaswani Tuesday February 19, 2013

It's another busy week at The Agenda's midtown Toronto headquarters. On Tuesday, February 19, the Ontario legislature resumes, and Steve Paikin will provide all the Ontario politics analysis you're going to need after Kathleen Wynne's first Speech from the Throne as premier of Ontario. And speaking of Premier Wynne, she'll be on the program on Friday night, as her interview with Steve will be our Story of the Week. The Agenda's contributions to Learning 2030 also continue this week, with a show about education and gaming. You'll find details about all our programming -- on broadcast and online -- below. 

Monday, Feb. 18: A Family Agenda

February 18 was Family Day in Ontario, and I trust you enjoyed your long weekend. Monday night on the broadcast, we re-aired author Andrew Solomon's hour-long, feature interview on The Agenda, in which he talks about familial bonds, and his critically-acclaimed book, Far From the Tree: Parents, Children, and the Search for Identity

If you missed the Solomon interview back in November, or couldn't join us on Monday night, I've got good news: you can watch the interview right now, below.

Tuesday, Feb. 19: The Mother of Invention?

Tuesday night on the broadcast, we're talking innovation and invention. We've seen many great inventions throughout history, and producer Meredith Martin asked for you to vote on what you think is the greatest invention of all time. (Thanks for voting, and thank God for indoor plumbing.) But is the next great invention right around the corner, or have we exhausted our potential to innovate? Not only are grand ideas harder to come by, they're patented. On Tuesday night, we'll ask: are patents stifling innovation? Or are our brightest and most innovative days still ahead of us?

Following that discussion, Steve Joordens, professor of psychology at the University of Toronto's Scarborough campus, will sit down with Steve to talk about a web-based solution to large university class sizes, one that encourages critical thinking and improves grades. 

Steve Paikin Ontario Politics Live ChatOn Tuesday evening at 5:00 p.m. EST, Steve Paikin will take part in his weekly Ontario politics live chat, and will answer your questions about the latest political happenings in the province, on our blog, live by video. He'll be joined by Laure Paquette, associate professor of political science at Lakehead University. So if you've got a question about Northern Ontario, Tuesday's chat is when you want to ask it. If you can't join us, but have a question for Steve and/or Laure, leave it in the comments section below. 

Wednesday, Feb. 20: Gaming the Education System?

The Agenda's contributions to TVO's year-long, on the road special series, Learning 2030, continues on Wednesday night. Our focus: gamification. Will gaming in education help engage students in learning? If so, will that path lead to more students developing a lively curiosity and interest in a life-long pursuit of knowledge and skills?

Live Twitter Chat: On Wednesday night during our 8:00 to 9:00 p.m. EST broadcast, join producer Daniel Kitts on Twitter for a chat about gaming and education. Follow @TheAgenda, and please tag your tweets with #Learning2030

And, while we're talking about Learning 2030, a reminder that we -- TVO and The Agenda -- are headed to Peterborough on March 2 and 3. Register now for a Big Ideas lecture, an Agenda broadcast on the challenges awaiting teachers in making their classrooms open to the coming technological revolution that is changing education, and a meet-up on the future of aboriginal education.

Thursday, Feb. 21: Finding a Four Leaf Clover

On Thursday night, we're going to re-air three interviews examining the relationship between luck and success. And I've got more good news: you can watch all three interviews, below, right now.

Mark Kingwell, professor at the University of Toronto, talks about the politics of luck.

Robert Frank, professor of economics at Cornell University, talks about the role luck should play in our economic policies.

And, last but not least, Harvard University psychologist Ellen Langer talks about the randomness of human existence, and the "illusion of control" most of us believe we have over our lives.

Friday, Feb. 22: The Story of the Week, and the Week in Review

While we always appreciate your participation in helping us choose Friday's Story of the Week, you can stand down this week, as Kathleen Wynne, Ontario's new premier, will sit down with Steve for a one-on-one interview on Friday night. 

We'll follow that interview up with our Week in Review.