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Transit Showdown at Toronto City Hall

by Meredith Martin Wednesday February 29, 2012

There has been a lot written about the never-ending transit debate happening at Toronto City Hall. So much that I feel there isn't much I can add to the conversation. That being said, I've read a great deal about this topic, so click through to read what I think are a few of the more informative articles.

From Global News, a timeline of the history of Transit City.

If you've been following this story, you probably know that council voted in favor of Councillor Karen Stintz's motion, 25-18. From the Toronto Star, here's how the vote broke down by ward.

I found this article from Torontoist particularly insightful, in terms of their analysis of the way the transit issue is often framed, as a split between the city centre and the outer suburbs.

Rob Ford himself weighed in on the matter, writing in an editorial in The Globe and Mail.

Former Toronto mayor Art Eggleton did the same, writing that "this is no way to run a city.

And, finally, I found the following undated post, published by Catalyst: The Magazine of Family Service Association of Toronto, in which former Toronto mayors David Crombie and John Sewell discuss how to fix city hall, as well as the merits of a "strong mayor" system.

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