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Toronto's Struggle with Gun Violence

by Navin Vaswani Friday February 22, 2013

On Thursday afternoon, in Whitby, east of Toronto, a quadruple shooting left four men hurt -- one critically. The Globe and Mail has more: 

Four men were injured – one critically – when gunfire broke out at 101 White Oaks Court in Whitby, a 197-unit, 21-storey apartment building at the northeast corner of a four-building residential complex that towers over the surrounding strip malls. Local residents refer to the 3,000-person residential area simply as the Oaks. Pizza deliverymen refuse to enter the elevator at night.

The shooting created a chaotic scene in the building, with bullets flying over multiple floors, according to residents.

Gun violence is a problem in the Greater Toronto Area. The Agenda with Steve Paikin has spent time examining the means and the methods of curbing gun violence. Below are a few noteworthy interviews and discussions we've produced on the topic.

Toronto's Anti-Violence Strategy

In mid-September 2012, Bill Blair, Toronto police chief, appeared on The Agenda to detail Toronto's Anti-Violence Strategy, and explain how -- with more money from Queen's Park -- it will help curb gun violence in the city.

Toronto's Gun Problem

Following our interview with Bill Blair, we convened a discussion on how Toronto could go about solving its gun problems. Should it emulate anti-violence strategies used in other urban centres, or develop its own approach?

Breaking the Cycle: Getting Out of Gangs

Producer Allison Buchan-Terrell spoke with Michael Hinds and Anthony Ramos Saez in September 2012 about "Breaking the Cycle," a youth program aimed at getting kids out of gangs, and keeping them out for good. 

Image credit: Aaron Vincent Elkaim/Canadian Press/CBC.