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Term Limits vs. Self-Regulation in Ontario

by Jonathan Halliwell Monday January 13, 2014

As we prepare for another round of municipal elections in Ontario this year, the idea of limiting the terms of city councillors has been drawing a fair amount of attention and discussion. Those in favor, see them as checks and balances against any one person amassing too much political power and a way to prevent the existence of too many career politicians. Those who oppose them tend to think that they prevent the best person from doing the job and that experience is more important than fresh perspectives. Some would argue, for instance, that Mississauga would never have become the residential and economic power it has were it not for the 12 successive terms of Mayor Hazel McCallion.

Is it possible, however, that municipal councils across the province are doing just fine with the way things are? That voters are getting the balance right to appease both sides? Perhaps this interactive video will help shed some light on the issue.

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