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Small Business Week: A Local Business Alliance

by Mary Taws Wednesday October 23, 2013

This week is the Business Development Bank of Canada's Small Business Week. This Thursday's episode of The Agenda will focus on the challenges small businesses face, and the ways small business owners are preparing their business for the future. We often hear policy makers talk about how small business is the "backbone of our economy", but we wondered: how are small enterprise owners doing in today's economy? Producer Mary Taws interviewed five small business owners in a various fields. This is the third of her conversations.

Ben Minett is the owner of The Bookshelf in Guelph, Ontario, and Mark Rodford owns the restaurant, OX, beside Ben's bookstore. Other than geography, it might sound like these business owners would have a lot in common, but one support they've put in place to future-proof themselves is the local business alliance they've formed. Listen to my conversation with Ben and Mark above to hear how they support one another and how restaurant shareholders can turn into a valuable customer base.