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Queen's Park This Week: Manufacturing Industry, The Ring of Fire, The Long-Term Energy Plan, Chris Mazza, Long-Term Care

Friday November 29, 2013

Queen's Park This Week

This week at Queen's Park:

  • Manufacturing Industry: The PCs don’t think the Liberals are doing enough to keep manufacturing jobs in the province. The Liberals say their investment in the province has created over 400,000 net new jobs since the recession.       
  • The Ring of Fire: Last week, Cliffs Natural Resources announced they would suspend operations in the Ring of Fire. The NDP want to know whether this is a result of unfulfilled Liberal commitments. The Liberals say they are moving forward to develop the region, but need the federal government’s cooperation.
  • Long-Term Energy PlanNext week, the Liberals will release their updated long-term energy plan amid allegations that high energy rates are driving jobs out of the province.
  • Chris MazzaFounder and former CEO of ORNGE (Ontario’s air ambulance service) has been hired as a doctor in a Thunder Bay emergency room. PCs want the province to intervene but the Liberals say that would go against due process.  
  • Long-Term CareThe NDP claims that Hamilton area seniors are in crisis when it comes to finding long-term care. They want to know what the province plans to do about wait times. The Liberals say they’re making progress and have opened 500 beds since 2003.

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