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Queen's Park This Week: Job Creation, Auto Insurance, Ontario Northland

by TVO Civics Friday October 4, 2013

Queen's Park This Week

This week at Queen's Park:

  • Job Creation: The PCs want the Liberals to adopt their job creation plan, but the Liberals say they don’t intend to adopt a plan that proposes cuts to programs and public sector jobs. 
  • Room for Debate: The Liberals and PCs filed a programming motion that will speed up the process of passing bills they both agree on. The NDP believe this is shutting down debate.
  • Collective Bargaining: The NDP want to know if the Liberals still intend on passing a private member’s bill that they believe would circumvent collective bargaining rights. Because the matter has been sorted out through the courts, the Liberals say the bill is no longer required.
  • Auto Insurance: The NDP say the auto insurance industry seems to be the only beneficiary of legislation passed by the province in 2010. The Liberals say they’ve taken steps to reduce auto insurance rates.   
  • The Pan Am Games: The PCs are critical of expenses claimed by executives of the Pan Am games. The premier agrees that some of the expenses were unacceptable and says the rules have been tightened up.

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