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Pull: Scott Stropkay on Design & Innovation in Health Care

by Mary Taws Tuesday July 30, 2013


If you're anything like me, when you hear "design thinking," images of blueprints and art design software come to mind. Scott Stropkay, co-founder of Essential, explains design thinking as a mindset that can be applied to the health care industry as usefully as it is to the world of architecture. 

Stropkay explores how the mindset of design thinking can bridge the gaps between the research and the delivery of innovative healthcare ideas to the market. One question he poses in the video above is: how we can translate the unprecedented amount of data we have at our disposal into useful information for health care providers? 

The video above is part of TVO's online series, "Pull: How Technology is Changing the Conversation," produced by Q Media Solutions. In particular, the video is part of Pull's take on how technology is transforming the way we track and store information about our health.

Update: This post originally stated that Frank Moss co-founded Essential with Scott Stropkay. That information is incorrect. Richard Watson co-founded Essential with Stropkay.