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Pull: Amanda Clarke on Fixing our Politics

by Hilary Clark Wednesday August 7, 2013

Can 21st century technology help revive 19th century political institutions? And if so, how?

Before answering those questions, we need to assess what the challenges to our political capacities are – a theme much loved and revisited here on the Agenda. This summer we've been showcasing the online series Pull: How Technology is Changing the Conversation, produced by Q Media Solutions. There is one area of Pull that examines how technology might be put into service to improve government. One of the interviews on this topic is with Amanda Clarke, of the Oxford Internet Institute discussing how "big data" -- the ability of new digital technologies to collect and sort through unprecedented amounts of data -- can improve government service and policy for citizens. You can watch what she has to say on the topic in the above video. 

If she seems like a familiar face to you, it's because she previously joined us on The Agenda for a conversation about whether parliament and our main political institutions still serve the needs of the public. Watch this episode and then let us know what you think of Clarke’s technology suggestions from today. You can leave a comment below or tweet using the hashtag #PullTVO


Note: On Friday, at 2:00 p.m. ET, we'll be hosting a live video chat with Richard Pietro, co-founder of CitizenBridge, who will discuss how some citizens and bureaucrats are trying to improve the way government works by using social media, the Internet and other new digital technologies. We'll be taking your questions, so we hope you can join us.