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OECTA President on "Putting Students First"

by Daniel Kitts Friday September 7, 2012

Our Tuesday program looked at the "Putting Students First Act," the Ontario government's controversial proposed legislation that will force holdout teachers' unions to accept a series of concessions on pay and prevent them from striking in protest. 

In an effort to continue the conversation we had on Tuesday -- both on air and via Twitter -- and in online interviews with student leader Hirad Zafari and school trustee Howard Goodman, I spoke today with Kevin O'Dwyer, President of the Ontario English Catholic Teachers' Association (OECTA). The role of this teachers' union in the lead-up to the government's legislation is significant: The memorandum of understanding OECTA signed with the government has been used by the McGuinty Liberals as the basis for the bill before the legislature. 

I spoke to O'Dwyer about the deal his union signed and its implications: