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Obama Taking Notes From Harper?

by Daniel Kitts Tuesday May 29, 2012

If you take an interest in politics and political campaigning, you might want to check out this lengthy piece in New York Magazine by John Heilemann about how U.S. President Barack Obama's campaign staff plans to get him re-elected in November.

Midway through the article, this paragraph jumped out at me (emphasis mine):

But the Obama indictment of Romney in the economic sphere will extend beyond Bain and the Bay State: It will go to character. It will drive home the idea that Romney is a skillful but self-serving plutocrat whose résumé is replete with self-enrichment but who has never cared an iota about bettering the lives of ordinary people. One tagline that the campaign is considering using—“He’s never been in it for you”—encompasses Bain, Massachusetts, and every Gordon Gekko–meets–Thurston Howell III gaffe he made during the primary season in one crisp linguistic swoop.

Remind you of anything you may have heard of before?