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Learning 2030: Education Extravaganza in Waterloo

by Daniel Kitts Friday September 27, 2013

Our year-long series on the future of education, Learning 2030, is wrapping up the week of September 30 with a bang. We will be at the Equinox Summit in Waterloo where some of the best minds in education will meet to discuss how digital technology and new insights on how the mind learns could reshape our schools for the better. 

We will be there to not only record five broadcasts (find out how to get tickets to our live audiences): we will also live stream lectures, post blogs and interviews online, and hold live chats where you can share your thoughts on what's being discussed. Keep reading to find out more. 


Each day, we will broadcast a program exploring one key question about the future of education: 

We will be recording all these programs on site at the Equinox Summit in Waterloo. To find out recording times and how to get tickets, check out TVO's Learning 2030 page

If you can't make the programs in person, in addition to watching the broadcasts on TVO, you will be able to watch them online on both The Agenda's main page and the TVO Learning 2030 page. And you'll also be able to share your thoughts on what our guests are saying by logging on to a chat widget next to the program video or by tweeting in using either #Learning2030 or #EQX13.

(Note that all programs, with one exception, will be recorded at 8:00 p.m. ET. The one exception is our Friday program, which will actually be recorded at 5:00 p.m. ET on Thursday). 

Live Online Video of Summit Events

Starting Sunday, you'll be able to catch events taking place at the summit via a live video stream, available both on The Agenda's main page and TVO's Learning 2030 page. The schedule of the live online video steams is: 

Web-Exclusive Videos

Throughout the week, editor David Erwin along with producers Wodek Szemberg and Mary Taws will be conducting online video interviews with people at the summit and beyond to share their views on where our education system needs to go. We'll also be shooting segments from BrainSTEM, a series of science centre-style exhibits meant to encourage young people to pursue studies in science, technology, engineering and math. All of these videos will be posted to The Agenda's blog.

Also available via our blog will be: short documentaries by producer Matthew Campea on student disengagement, "unschooling," and getting kids interested in math; plus benchmark videos produced for  the Equinox Summit. 


We will be tweeting extensively about the summit and what is being discussed using the hashtags #Learning2030 and #EQX13. In addition to the main Agenda Twitter account, you can expect to see tweets from the summit by Steve Paikin, Agenda executive producer Dan Dunsky, and Agenda staff Wodek Szemberg, David Erwin, and Mary Taws. Plus we'll have conference participant Kourosh Houshmand tweeting his thoughts as well. 

And we want to hear from you. Tweet your opinions about the future of education using either #Learning2030 or #EQX13