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Infographic: How Open is the Canadian Government's Data?

by Daniel Kitts Friday June 21, 2013

This week, the government of Canada launched the much-anticipated, next-generation Open Data Portal, which will provide unprecedented access to government data and information. Canada is demonstrating its international commitment to transparency and open government. But according to the Open Knowledge Foundation, Canada currently sits in fifth place among the other G8 countries, behind the U.S., the U.K., France, and Japan.

For something to be considered "open data," the data needs to be publicly licensed, publicly available, machine readable, digital, up-to-date, and available in bulk. It can be surprising what is still at issue in some countries when it comes to open data. For example, most G8 countries still haven't completely converted their postal code data, which is essential for all location-based computer applications and services, into open data. The same can be said about official government maps.

Using information from the Open Knowledge Foundation, The Agenda's Jonathan Halliwell put together the above infographic that shows how Canada stacks up with other G8 countries when it comes to making government data open in several areas.