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Dueling Ads: Is an Ontario Election Coming?

by Mark Brosens Monday November 25, 2013

About two weeks ago, the Ontario Liberals posted an advertisement on their YouTube channel introducing Premier Kathleen Wynne. 

Rather than discuss policy, the ad presents an interpretation of Wynne’s character. Although Wynne has been premier for almost a year, she hasn’t faced an election yet, and Ontarians traditionally don’t pay attention to provincial politics until election day is looming. Thus, most Ontarians likely don’t know much about Wynne yet. 

Last week, the Ontario PCs uploaded a remix of the Liberals' ad to YouTube.

The PCs’ ad packs a lot of messaging into 30 seconds: Wynne is connected to the gas plant scandal, which should be considered a crime; Wynne isn’t a decisive leader; and when you think Kathleen Wynne, you should also think Dalton McGuinty. In contrast, the Liberal ad is really only using Wynne’s running hobby as a metaphor for her down-to-earth determination.

Why do you think the parties are releasing these ads now? Are these "election ads," meaning we're headed towards an election earlier than expected? Would you like an election now? To you, what is each ad trying to say? Which ad do you think is more effective?