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Agenda Plus: J.H. Crawford on Car-Free Cities

by Daniel Kitts Friday June 21, 2013

If you’ve ever been stuck in city car traffic on a hot summer’s day, you may have contemplated leaving your vehicle behind and walking the rest of the way. Turning those idle thoughts into action is what propelled J.H. Crawford to write two books on how to achieve the idea of cities without cars: Carfree Cities and Carfree Design Manual. A former ombudsman for the New Jersey Department of Transportation, Crawford also publishes an online newsletter: Carfree Times. In the above conversation with Agenda intern Krystyna Henke, Crawford explains his vision.

While car-free cities may sound a little far-fetched to many of us today, there are proposals out there to make urban areas a bit less car-clogged. Just this week, the Toronto Transit Commission raised the idea of banning cars on downtown King Street during the morning rush hour. And in the United Kingdom, a Cardiff city councillor has advocated the creation of a car-free suburb

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