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Tory vs. McGuinty, Post-Script

by Steve Paikin Tuesday March 10, 2009

I'd like to revisit something I said in a blogpost the other day, after outgoing PC leader John Tory announced his departure from politics.


You can read the entire post here


In that post, I criticized the McGuinty government's press office, because its media release, the night of the by-election, congratulated all the candidates for running, but said nothing in particular about John Tory, whose political career had come to a stunning end. 


Having looked into the matter further, I now have some better understanding of why there was no mention of Tory in the release. 


Apparently, even though Premier McGuinty and Tory did speak that by-election night, Tory did not indicate to the premier that he would be resigning as Ontario PC leader the next day. 


So the premier's office thought it premature to refer to Tory (his contribution to Ontario politics, etc.) more specifically in its release. 


Makes sense.


My observation stemmed from the fact that these two leaders have had virtually no relationship. Tory had complained  in the past that some of his letters to the premier went unanswered, and that offers of assistance on various issues also were rebuffed.


I no doubt thought some of that was at play when the premier's office declined to say anything nice about Tory in its press release. 


I shouldn't have, and want to correct the record here.