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New Inside Agenda Feature

by Daniel Kitts Wednesday April 30, 2008

Ever wondered what the producers of The Agenda are reading?


If the answer is no, that really hurts. 


If the answer is yes, then good news! Check out the "Worth Reading" widget in the right-hand column of this blog. 


Worth Reading is a way for us here at The Agenda to share with you the articles that we're reading in the office.  It's not a list of everything we read, but it's a sample of the articles that we find especially interesting and thought-provoking.


Some of the articles you see will be used as the inspiration for future programs. Others will simply be pieces that someone here thought was particularly well-written, engrossing, and/or thought-provoking.


I should stress that posting an article on the Worth Reading widget does not necessarily mean the producers on The Agenda agree with its conclusions. An article can be thought-provoking, even if one disagrees with it.   


It's just a small way of giving you a slightly-larger window into what's going on in The Agenda office. It's also an easy way to share with you some really fascinating articles.