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Is Musharraf justified? At all?

by Daniel Kitts Monday November 5, 2007

Pakistan's President, Pervez Musharraf, has been roundly criticized around the world for declaring a state of emergency in his country, suspending the constitution, firing members of the supreme court, and jailing many opposition politicians and activists.


But we're a show that believes in asking provocative questions, so let us, however briefly, give General Musharraf the benefit of the doubt. Here's an excerpt of what he said when he announced the state of emergency:


"To the critics and idealists, against this action, I would like to say, please do not expect or demand your level of democracy which you learned over a number of centuries. We're also trying to learn, and we're doing well. Please give us time."


So, I want to know from you: How do you respond to General Musharraf's appeal? Does he have a point?