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Mapping China's Wealth

by Stavros Rougas Thursday March 5, 2009

We in the media are often guilty of portraying China’s 1.3 billion citizens as a monolithic group. The reality is that China is a rich tapestry of cultures under the banner of the world’s most populous nation.

In contrast, 30 years ago the Chinese economy was a centralized one trick pony. In 1978 Deng Xiaoping changed China's economic model. Today China generates far greater overall wealth, but not all citizens have benefited equally.

In speaking with tonight’s guests I learned that most of the wealth is concentrated along the coast and that the growing divide between rich and poor is a potentially explosive issue which the authorities, to put it lightly, are concerned about.

In China economic policy goes hand in hand with the requirement for "social stability".

To help illustrate the economic situation in China The Agenda’s very own map guru David Erwin has created an interactive map of ten of China's most economically important cities. Click to explore these cities through pictures and feeds of the latest economic news.

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