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G20: Mad about Steve

by Daniel Kitts Sunday June 27, 2010

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Steve Paikin was not in a good place last night. In what he termed "an awful night for democracy in Toronto", Steve relayed via his Twitter feed police breaking up what he saw as a peaceful, nonviolent protest. Rumours -- briefly -- surfaced on Twitter that he had even been arrested in the melee before the were quickly proven false.


But today Mr. Paikin was dealing with a different crowd: Fans among the media corps.


While he was at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre waiting for the press conferences of Prime Minister Stephen Harper and U.S. President Barack Obama, Steve was approached by at least four members of the media asking if they could pose for a photo with him. For example:



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Considering that we were about to see a Prime Minister and a President and that there were other arguably more well-known media types from larger news organizations there, it was suprising and a bit amusing to both Steve and me that people were lining up to get snaps with him.


I'm sure Steve will be a bit embarrased by the fact I'm posting this. And of course there are much more important things to be writing about (i.e. global policy and local protests) regarding the summit. But on a weekend where so many difficult negotiations were going on indoors and so many acrimonious protests were taking place outdoors, it was nice to have a moment that was a little on the ligher side.