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And Goldilocks tried the third portable web device and it was juuuuust right

by Mike Miner Monday May 12, 2008

There was a piece in the Sunday Times' business section that asked the question whether there was room for a new device between laptop and hand-held for on-the-go computing.


"Is there room for a third category? Perhaps a new class of consumer gadgets that fits somewhere between hand-held and laptop," the writer asks.

"For want of a better description, I propose that we label this jacket-pocket form-factor the iMoleskine, after the Hemingway-esque notebooks that writers favor."


I'm personally exhausted by the rapid shift into obsolescence of every piece of technology I buy. I pretty much kicked the iPod habit when my first one died right before the iPod touch came out. It seemed like I could buy a regular iPod now right before it's price might drop or wait for this new one that seemed like a stripped-down iPhone that would soon be made junk when the iPhone touched down on Canadian soil. I decided to forget about it and content myself with the music bleeding out of the earbuds of other transit passengers.


So what about the introduction of another device to my life? While I hate lugging a laptop around, and get no joy out of surfing on a cellphone, one line in the story made me freeze in my consideration of a nice, small tablet that would fit in my bag and connect to the internet wherever I may be. It was this: "It will be another two years before Intel has a chip that will bring the Windows-compatible world to the palm of your hand."


AAAAAAAAAAAGH! These things will go the way of the 8-track in two years and we already know that?


The article went on: "So, what to do for now, if your chips are too power-hungry to squeeze into the cellphone market, currently dominated by microprocessor chips licensed from ARM, the British chip company?"


You know what? I'll just tough it out for two years and see what shakes out.