Ontario Education Minister Liz Sandals is attempting to change the "dysfunctional and acrimonious" way things work, or don't work, at the Toronto District School Board. She talks to Steve Paikin about an external report commissioned to address TDSB operational issues.

Sony Pictures cancelling The Interview caused an uproar that has some people worried about the dangerous precedent the action might be setting about the subjects of filmmaking. TVO's documentary, The Defectors: Escape from North Korea, sheds some light on the hold the North Korean regime has on its citizens. 


Donuts and skateboards aside, in its 25 years, The Simpsons has provided many lessons in how government does, and doesn't work. Here's a look at some of the show's biting political moments.


Every now and then, maybe we ought to judge politics by what's actually achieved, rather than by what we see in Question Period. Here's an example.


Who says Ontario politics is boring? Consider the drama surrounding a pending by-election in Sudbury.


Catch up on what politicians had to say about the issues at Queen's Park for the week of December 8-11, 2014.


The Ontario government says the law to create a national park in the Rouge Valley won't adequately protect nature.


Whether you're a die-hard fan, or a casual viewer, you likely have a favourite episode of the longest-running cartoon in history.


Toronto’s 63rd mayor doesn’t quite go for coffee with comedians in cars. But he draws inspiration from Jerry Seinfeld to spread the word on electric cars. 


At 23 years old, Sheldon Forgette of North Bay, is one of Canada’s youngest currently-serving deputy mayors. Agenda producer Mark Brosens asks Forgette how he came to that position, and how he prepared for his responsibilities.