There's nothing like a politician on a mission. Oftentimes, it can erase a host of previous ills. The Ontario Liberals certainly hope so.

There has been a lot of talk about potentially legalizing pot in Canada. We take profile one organization's view on what would need to be addressed in any possible legislation on marijuana.


Agenda Producer Hilary Clark talks to Beverly Fernandez, spokesperson for Stop the Great Lakes Nuclear Dump about where things stand with the environmental assessment of Ontario Power Generation's proposal to bury low and intermediate nuclear waste under the Bruce Nuclear complex.

Web-exclusive bonus video from our visit to North Bay, discussing how to innovate the economy of North Bay and Northern Ontario. 

Moving past dark chapters in people's mental health histories may not be possible due to police sharing of information.

The province is trying to raise awareness about the pay gap between men and women. And we will be exploring the same issue next Wednesday. 

Catch up on what politicians had to say about the issues at Queen's Park for the week of April 7 to 10, 2014.


Kathleen Wynne has staked her premiership on being able to convince Ontarians that some of them are going to have to pay more if they want to see major new infrastructure projects happen. It's the biggest gamble of all.


A comment on social media inspires a conversation about what we should consider part of -- and not part of -- Northern Ontario. 


Lawyer Guy Pratte explains why he feels Abraham Lincoln remains the most important president in American history, on this, the 149th anniversary of his assassination.