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"The number one job for leaders today will be first to convince every executive and every manager that having more women in leadership is a critical business objective and not a social justice initiative."


"The fact that 50 per cent of the population is largely absent from the leadership roles that shape our economy demonstrates that we are not maximizing the talent pool in this country."


Just when you think you've seen it all...


The conventional narrative on the 2014 Ontario election is that Andrea Horwath blew it, as evidenced by her losing three seats in Toronto. But there's another more encouraging story for the NDP. Why isn't Andrea Horwath telling it? 



Producer Matthew Campea shot an Agenda story pitch meeting a few months back. Take a look. 


Canadian cities used to easily outclass most American cities when it came to public transit. But a new study says the gap is closing. 

The former front runner for the Toronto mayoralty still has plenty of time to turn things around. But the problems with her campaign may be insoluble.