On Monday, voters will judge their mayors and councils in part on how well they've done growing local economies. But how much can any mayor do?

How will Canadians balance security against the right to access their parliaments?


You've never seen before, and you'll likely never see again, a day such as this one in our House of Commons. 


TVO's own Elamin Abdelmahmoud was asked by British news site the Guardian to share some thoughts about the fallout from Wednesday's attack in Ottawa. Read some of what he had to say. 


The Agenda has often looked at the issues of radicalism and terrorism. Here is a selection of some of our programming on those topics. 

Some initial thoughts from people on the street about today's shooting in Ottawa. 


Former cabinet minister David Collenette says police and security in Ottawa responded as well as can be expected.


Wednesday's shooting incident in Ottawa may be the most significant security breach in the history of the Nation's Capital. But it's not the first. 

"Urban policing, urban security is difficult because you're dealing with big spaces, complicated spaces, open spaces in buildings and all of these things that are in that immediate area."

A sampling of tweets from politicians and press as news of multiple shooters around Parliament Hill spread.