ArtBomb is a daily online art auction featuring the work of painters from across Canada. Gregg Thurlbeck spoke to Carrie Shibinsky, one of the founders of ArtBomb, and to Toronto artist Rachel Francis about taking art to a new digital platform.


On March 28, the 2014 edition of Breast Fest got underway at the Edward Day Gallery in Toronto where photographer David Jay's acclaimed The SCAR Project was making its Canadian debut. Gregg Thurlbeck, who produced The Agenda's feature on The SCAR Project spoke with David and with Breast Fest Artistic Director Michelle Rothstein.


Following the February publication of Dr. Anthony Miller's 25-year follow-up to the Canadian National Breast Screening Study, a heated debate over the validity of the study's conclusions and policy implications began. The Agenda hosted a debate between the two central figures in this important discussion, but producer Gregg Thurlbeck wanted to highlight some additional aspects of the debate that weren't covered in our broadcast.


Stephen Cornish, the Executive Director of Médecins Sans Frontières Canada (MSF), visited the Central African Republic (CAR) in early 2014. Stephen has described the humanitarian situation he witnessed there as one that is, "spiraling out of control." He speaks to The Agenda's Gregg Thurlbeck about MSF's activties there.

The media spotlight surrounding the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi has illuminated the state-sanctioned discrimination faced by gay Russians. The Agenda's Gregg Thurlbeck interviews the founder of Deti-404, a site offering support services to Russian gay youth. 


The future of brain research and investigations into optimizing human cognition is a vast topic. As Gregg Thurlbeck discovered while producing our Mysteries of the Mind episode on The Future Brain, even limiting the discussion to a few key areas such as neurofeedback, didn't allow for a complete a discussion of these techniques. So, we took the opportunity to record this additional Agenda Plus segment.


Bringing nutritious, low-cost food to the world's slums sounds like a massively complex and daunting proposition. But, as Gregg Thurlbeck discovered when he spoke to MBA student Mohammed Ashour, a great idea can take you a long way.


The movie Ender's Game is based on Orson Scott Card's multiple award-winning novel of the same name. Gregg Thurlbeck interviewed the controversial author in 1995 and they spoke about his Mormon faith and how religion is treated in science fiction.


Chris Henderson's book Aboriginal Power focuses on how clean energy solutions are changing the economic landscape for Canada's First Nations communities. And, as Gregg Thurlbeck writes, biomass projects are an integral part of the picture.

Austin Cooper, who passed away this week at age 84, was best known as a defence lawyer who represented Susan Nelles and other high-profile clients. But as Agenda producer Gregg Thurlbeck writes in a personal recollection, Cooper was also a man who loved the Ontario landscape.