Updated: On Wednesday afternoon, Agenda producer Mary Taws was joined by author and social business strategist Dion Hinchcliffe for a video chat about social business, social media, and the customer. Watch the replay.  

We've got two months of new Agenda programming scheduled for the summer, hosted by Steve Paikin. Find out who's on in July, and what they're talking about.


Find out what's on The Agenda -- on our broadcast and online -- as we wrap up our seventh season.


Roundtable discussions about surveillance, protests in Turkey, and children, plus interviews with Conrad Black, Ann Shin, and two live Twitter chats. 


Agenda producer Wodek Szemberg spoke with University of Toronto clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson about his forthcoming book, 42


Find out what's on The Agenda, on our broadcast and online. 


It's an interesting time at Queen's Park. Steve Paikin will answer your questions about Ontario politics on Tuesday afternoon, on our homepage. 

We chatted on Twitter during our 8:00 to 9:00 p.m. EDT broadcast on Thursday night, about what's at the root of Toronto's political drama. Is it a class divide? 

We're kicking off the week in Sudbury, at Cambrian College, as we explore the future of blue collar education. 


Updated: On Tuesday afternoon, Janice Stein, TVO's foreign affairs analyst, answered your questions about foreign affairs live by video. Watch the replay of our chat.