The Agenda is hosting a meet-up on November 18th on re-thinking the way we walk, bike, transit and drive around major Canadian cities. You can livestream the town hall forum on this page and also join the conversation remotely via live twitter chat. 

Chris Sukornyk, CEO of Chango, came by the entrepreneurial spirit honestly -- his father, George, founded the Harvey's restaurant chain, after all. Check out this web exclusive video to hear more about what Sukornyk learned from his father and how he formed his own business philosophy.


Mark Argo, Creative Director of Aesthetec Studio, discusses the success of his project Little Robot Friends, which was funded by the popular crowd-funding website, Kickstarter.

Ben Minett is the owner of The Bookshelf in Guelph, Ontario, and Mark Rodford owns the restaurant, OX, beside Ben's bookstore. Check out this conversation with Mark and Ben to hear how a local business alliance and shareholders as customers improved business for them.  

Today's conversation in honour of small business week is with Jennifer Murray of Paris, Ontario. Her idea for a product came from frustrations as a consumer.


Mitch Joel was the first speaker at The Art of Small Business conference at the MTCC this morning. Joel told the crowd just how much Amazon knows about them and how other businesses can similarly leverage data. 


Todd Ladner is the owner of Ladner's Clothiers in Streetsville, Ontario. He joins us online to discuss the challenges of competing with big box stores. 

The Agenda is hosting a meet-up on November 18th. Sign up to attend a town-hall forum on re-thinking the way we walk, bike, transit and drive around major Canadian cities. 


At the BrainSTEM festival in Waterloo, Agenda producer Mary Taws tries a machine that adds new meaning to the phrase "tell us how you really feel."

Erik Gregory, chief field officer of the Pearson Foundation, stopped by The Agenda's hangout hub at the Equinox Summit on the future of education to share his thoughts on how we can bridge the gap between digital technology have and have-not students.