Exploring the psychological trauma of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict on both sides. 


Producer Wodek Szemberg previews a program on male identity and whether it's changing for the better or for the worse. 


Ahead of Friday's segment on the evolution of antisemitism, Producer Wodek Szemberg reflects on the difficulty of eliminating certain issues and angles of a topic, in order to focus and develop an informative discussion on our program. 


Israeli journalist Yossi Klein Halevi explains why he is incredibly pessimistic about the possibility of detente with Iran.  


Producer Wodek Szemberg asks: In the age of Google, what are some things all people should know without having to look up online? 


A real-time Twitter debate in six voices, with commentary.


TVO's role in the publishing of a new book, and how ideas make it across the media.


Producer Wodek Szemberg meditates on the challenge First Nations people face in bridging a desire to hold on to traditional ways with the demands placed on them by the modern world. 


Last Saturday, the National Post published an op-ed piece written by Wodek Szemberg on the changing nature of radical politics. The article was shortened for reasons of space. After the jump, read the original version. 


Is America still exceptional?