Every Sunday that America’s 39th president is in his hometown of Plains, Georgia, he teaches at his local Baptist church. Last weekend’s lesson was both remarkable and revealing. 


No American president has been a former president longer than Jimmy Carter. And no ex-president has had a more potent post-presidency.


Steve Paikin journeyed to Warm Springs, Georgia to visit former U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s beloved home away from home. He reflects on the power of historical spaces for a self-proclaimed history nut.


Ontario is officially joining Quebec and California in a cap-and-trade system to reduce carbon pollution. Thirty years ago, the Liberal government initiated a similarly intentioned program to put an end to acid rain.  


Federal finance minister Joe Oliver wants Parliament to pass a new balanced budget law making deficits illegal, save for extraordinary circumstances. Haven’t we seen this movie before? And wasn’t the ending kind of bad? 


Former Ontario Premier Bill Davis is Toronto Mayor John Tory’s political hero. Forty-four years ago he forever cemented his reputation as a champion of smart transit by killing the Spadina Expressway. Can Toronto’s current mayor do the same with the Scarborough subway?


The Alberta government appears to be taking a page from Ontario history in its efforts to get the books back in balance. 

Federal NDP leader Thomas Mulcair recently called Ontario’s capital “the most important city in Canada.” How often does politics reward courage? We’re about to find out.


It’s amazing what you can learn about improving the health care system just by listening to your family doctor during your annual physical. 


John Tory has brought a sense of calm and a strong work ethic to the Mayor’s office. How does his initiation compare to the start of Rob Ford’s reign?