The upcoming by-election in the Nickel City looked to be an easy win for the Liberals. Instead, a drama rife with backroom shenanigans, switched allegiances and potential inquiries unfolded. 


The Toronto District School Board is a dysfunctional mess, according to a new report by special investigator Margaret Wilson. Okay, now what? Is the province priming for a takeover? 



Toronto Friends of Sir John A. Macdonald hoped to kick-start a national debate about the legacy of Canada's first prime minister by throwing a party on the bicentennial of his birth.  Mission Accomplished.


Every now and then, maybe we ought to judge politics by what's actually achieved, rather than by what we see in Question Period. Here's an example.


Who says Ontario politics is boring? Consider the drama surrounding a pending by-election in Sudbury.


Toronto’s 63rd mayor doesn’t quite go for coffee with comedians in cars. But he draws inspiration from Jerry Seinfeld to spread the word on electric cars. 


One of Jean Beliveau's most heartfelt honours actually happened in Toronto, the city of his most intense hockey battles. 


Many predicted the absence of Rob Ford in the mayor's chair of Ontario's capital city would lead to City Hall becoming dullsville. Actually, not so far. 


After a memorable inauguration, Toronto’s new mayor now has to get down to governing. Here’s what he needs to watch out for.

"After all the speeches, after all the applause, after all the grip and grin photos, there's just one moment that will stay with me forever."