I remember a time when politicians had a little class and political parties treated each another with a little civility. What happened to those halcyon days? 


Both Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne and Toronto Mayor John Tory back building a Scarborough subway—even though all signs suggest it’s the wrong kind of transit in the wrong locations for way too much money. Does Toronto’s transit plan make any sense at all?


On May 21, 1965, Ontario unveiled its first official flag. Then-premier John Robarts took Canada’s old flag, the Red Ensign, and transformed it into an Ontario icon.  Fast forward fifty years and a small movement is advocating for a brand new flag that would better reflect the province today.


Barrie MP Patrick Brown was considered a longshot to win the Progressive Conservative crown when he entered the race. But he out-organized, out-hustled, out-sold and out-maneuvered his opponents throughout the campaign. On May 9, he won in a rout over Christine Elliott.


Steve Paikin looks at the history of the once natural governing party of Ontario. What will leadership candidates Patrick Brown and Christine Elliott inherit?


Whitby-Oshawa MPP Christine Elliott is seeking the leadership of the Ontario PC Party, just as she did six years ago. Today, the Progressive Conservatives are at a political crossroads, and she’s a moderate representing a 905 riding. Is it finally her time?


Patrick Brown’s never been a cabinet minister, provincially or federally. He’s never been a committee chair. He’s never been a parliamentary assistant. How’s he the front-runner to win the PC Party crown?


The rules for Ontario PC Party leadership convention are complicated and convoluted. And not exciting at all.


Every Sunday that America’s 39th president is in his hometown of Plains, Georgia, he teaches at his local Baptist church. Last weekend’s lesson was both remarkable and revealing. 


No American president has been a former president longer than Jimmy Carter. And no ex-president has had a more potent post-presidency.