Tonight The Agenda focuses on food: how food availability affects health, grocery store wars and how food is covered in the media.  Here are five interesting food facts.


Joseph D'Cruz of the Rotman School of Management expresses doubt about Postmedia's decision to buy 175 newspapers under the Sun Media banner. 


We asked people to share their stories of transitioning from working life to retirement. Here are some highlights of what we got back. 


Help us choose what story should be featured on our Friday program. 


We're looking to hear from you on how you've faired transitioning to retirement. 


From August 23 to September 7, Sunday Drive Art Projects is hosting an event in Warkworth, Ontario. Producer Meredith Martin took the trek out to see it. 

Producer Meredith Martin looks into surplusing, something that is routine for many in Ontario's teaching ranks around this time of year but which many outside the profession may find surprising and odd. 

Steve Paikin talks to Paul Summerville about being an entrepreneur in Canada.

We're hosting a debate examining the party platforms throught the lens of economics and we want your help.


The Progressive Conservatives say they have uncovered another Liberal scandal, this time surrounding a troubled real-estate development at MaRS Discovery District in downtown Toronto.