A striking photograph from Apocalypse: World War One, a five-part series airing on TVO this summer. 


A look at one of the archival images that serves as the basis for Apocalypse: World War One, a five-part series on the global conflict that started 100 years ago this summer. 


Three maps show how the political landscape changes as you travel the province. 


What the new Ontario Legislature will look like, how the votes broke down, and more.


Most people wouldn't have thought the Liberals could have pulled off a majority government after nearly 11 years in power. The morning after their stunning win, observers react. 


Another look at what Internet searches tell us about how people are following the election. 


The two main opposition leaders sneak in a final burst of campaigning on election day. 


One or more pollsters will have egg on their faces the day after the Ontario election. 


It's the bottom of the ninth, as Steve Paikin might say. 

The Ontario political parties feverishly campaign for one more day, while journalists start looking ahead to what might come next.