Two in-depth discussion of extremism within our borders in the wake of a bizarre motor vehicle attack by a man suspected of having radical ties to militant extremists. 

During the Business Development Bank of Canada’s Small Business Week, we revisit some interviews talking to Ontario entrepreneurs on how their businesses are preparing for an uncertain future. 

Ed Clark, chair of a panel looking into the potential privatization and sale of some government assets, concludes the LCBO should stay in government hands -- but that it can be run much better. 


Watch the author discuss her winning work The Massey Murder: A Maid, Her Master and the Trial that Shocked a Country.

Canada's top academic institutions get middling grades compared to universities in other parts of the world. Do we need to strive harder for excellence or is the overall quality of education across the country more important. 


A retrospective of Steve Paikin pieces on the 39th president of the United States. 


Check out the trajectory of Ontario's deficit and debt following the economic crisis of 2008 -- and how the provincial government proposes to get us back to balance. 


A review of The Agenda's exploration of rising police costs and whether we need to rethink what we ask our first responders to do. 


Some background on a program we plan to run next Tuesday on how remote-controlled drone aircraft are making their way into our everyday life. 

Producer Matthew Campea shot an Agenda story pitch meeting a few months back. Take a look.