Bats have a bad reputation, but they are also important in protecting crops from insects. And right now, a disease is devastating millions of these nocturnal creatures.


This week Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission issued 94 recommendations to repair relations between Canada and indigenous people. Many questioned whether the recommendations put forth in the report would result in action.


In the wake of three public high school teachers’ strikes, the Liberal government’s two-tier bargaining system is under attack. But two-tier bargaining isn’t new. And it’s not the issue that really undermined negotiations. 


The prevailing perception within the booming technology industry used to be that it was meritocracy. Now both grassroots organizations and tech firms alike recognize there’s a diversity problem.


Activists for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender persons are embracing online storytelling in a massive way. From protesting anti-gay laws in Russia to establishing a digital archive for LGBT Canadians’ stories, organizations are leveraging new technologies to get their message out and create new connections.


According to the Brookings Institution, suspending Twitter accounts used by ISIS significantly affects the radical militant group’s ability to spread its message on social media.


A conversation with Idil Burale, who decided to run for Toronto city council despite her frustration with the way politics works. 

The Agenda has often looked at the issues of radicalism and terrorism. Here is a selection of some of our programming on those topics. 


A sampling of tweets from politicians and press as news of multiple shooters around Parliament Hill spread. 


Two in-depth discussions of extremism within our borders in the wake of a bizarre motor vehicle attack by a man suspected of having radical ties to militant extremists.