Erhan Dogan, a researcher and lecturer at Marmara University in Istanbul, Turkey, explains the causes behind the protests that have gripped that country. 


The European Union follows America's lead by imposing an embargo on Iranian oil. 

This visualization represents the top ten countries that use the greatest amount of renewable energy (expressed as a per cenate of their total energy supply).

Today, Iceland gets 80% of its primary energy from renewables. Watch this slideshow to see how they achieved that.

Fifty years ago today, Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin became the first human to journey into outer space, and the first human to orbit the earth.

Surprising facts about Hamilton, Ontario.

The Chaharshanbe Suri festival in Toronto: This 3000-year-old Persian tradition has evolved into a festival of celebration and political protest.

On Feb. 20th 2011, Iran?s opposition parties called for pro-democracy rallies despite government warnings and renewed threats to execute leaders of

The map compares seven countries that lead in health care spending.