Think tank reports get a lot of press. Do they add to or complicate the public policy ecosystem? 


Our current Ontario ridings make the value of an individual vote far from equal. Whoever wins this election has the chance to literally redefine the electoral map in Ontario. But so far, no one's talking about it.


Premier Kathleen Wynne spent a good part of last week taking aim at Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Did the prime minister just fire back by calling two by-elections in the province?


If everyone agrees that jobs and the economy are the top election issues, child care advocates want to remind the parties that before people can head off to work, they need someone to look after their children. What do you think?


What does your public library mean to you? Is it mostly still a place to borrow books or has it become more than that? Help us find the most interesting public libraries in Ontario.


Agenda Producer Hilary Clark talks to Beverly Fernandez, spokesperson for Stop the Great Lakes Nuclear Dump about where things stand with the environmental assessment of Ontario Power Generation's proposal to bury low and intermediate nuclear waste under the Bruce Nuclear complex.

The most expensive way to respond to chronic care needs is with an ambulance and the emergency room. Ontario paramedics might have a found better way. Producer Hilary Clark talks to Ottawa paramedic Tracey Suprunchuk about the growing role for community paramedicine.

Almost 80% of babies born in Ontario are considered low risk and arrive without the kinds of complications that require a hospital setting before and during those births. In this video chat, producer Hilary Clark talks to registered midwife Elizabeth Brandeis about how Ontario has opened the way for midwives to answer those calls.

Community-based care requires dedication and complex capacities, but it doesn't always require the specialization of a doctor. In this video chat, producer Hilary Clark talks to nurse practitioner Michelle Acorn about the growing role for specialized nursing and the leadership roles they can now take on.