The Ontario Progressive Conservatives think the Ontario College of Trades stands in the way of job creation. Is that true? 


Agenda producer Mark Brosens talks to Animal Alliance of Canada Director Liz White about her attempt to stop the spring bear hunt.


Tonight’s episode of The Agenda references a previous program about historical literacy and a web exclusive conversation with a group of university students. Both of those videos are available in full here. 


Agenda producer Mark Brosens talks to McMaster University PhD candidate Mike Commito about the history of Ontario’s spring bear hunt.


Long-time Progressive Conservative MPP John O’Toole announced today that he will not seek re-election during the next provincial election. We re-post an interview with John O’Toole, who represents Durham provincially, and his son Erin, who represents Durham federally, on how politics has shaped their family. 

Did you take history classes in elementary and high school? What was that like? 


You may not have noticed, but Hamilton is boasting a low unemployment rate, a construction boom and a thriving cultural scene. Hamilton native Steve Paikin sits down with Hamilton mayor Bob Bratina to discuss what other cities can learn from Steeltown. Do you think Hamilton is a city to watch?


The Ontario Progressive Conservative Party blocked Newmarket town councillor Maddie Di Muccio from running to be their candidate in Newmarket – Aurora. Does this incident say something about the state of party politics in Ontario? 


Do you teach history in an Ontario elementary or high school? If so, we want to hear from you! 


The Ontario PCs question the job creation statistics used on last night's program. Are they right?