The social media behemoth gets many of its users up in arms again. But is that anger justified? 


Agenda producer Eric Bombicino asks whether, paradoxically, democracy is being undermined by its own success. 


Are young people apathetic about democracy? The Agenda investigates. 


A timeline of revelations by leaker Edward Snowden that shine a light onto the activities of our country's version of the NSA, Communications Security Establishment Canada (CSEC). 


We at The Agenda are looking for young people to talk about democracy. Whether you're engaged or apathetic or frustrated, we want to hear your voice. 


You might've been optimistic. Went out of your way to make some resolutions for the new year. Well, here's why you'll probably fail. 


As many of us go out to hunt for Boxing Day bargains, some thoughts from Pope Francis and Daniel Gilbert on our modern pursuit of wealth and objects. 


Producer Eric Bombicino provides an overview of some of the significant cuts to science under the Conservative government. 


Earlier this week, David Suzuki unveiled his “Carbon Manifesto," which is part of “The Trial of David Suzuki,” a theatre project appearing at the ROM next month. Here is a video of the fake news conference on the steps of the real courthouse in Toronto.


Producer Eric Bombicino muses on the real cause of dissatisfaction among young people today, and asks whether we're all trying too hard to be happy.