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In the wake of three public high school teachers’ strikes, the Liberal government’s two-tier bargaining system is under attack. But two-tier bargaining isn’t new. And it’s not the issue that really undermined negotiations. 


Steve Paikin spent 10 days rigorously tracking his time. His goal: find out what he did and how long he spent doing it. Now the results are in. Here's his advice for feeling a little less overwhelmed. 

The Ontario government is delaying a decrease in tax credits for film crews shooting in the province after the industry complained it would cost jobs. But a study indicates the benefits of the credits outweigh the costs to the government’s finances.

Steve Paikin tracked everything he did, down to the minute, for 10 days. He learned plenty about how he fills his time and whether he was trying to do too much.



Education, honesty, breaking silences, addressing systemic barriers—all solutions suggested by community members in Thunder Bay to confront racism in the region.  Earlier this year, TVO on the Road travelled to northwestern Ontario to discuss the state of race relations. Here’s what local citizens had to say.


Earlier this year, TVO on the Road travelled to Thunder Bay to discuss the state of race relations in northwestern Ontario’s most populous municipality. At a community meetup, an unusual question was asked, and answered, by the crowd: What’s it like to be white?


In the wake of the Charlie Hebdo massacre, Steve Paikin visited the Islamic Information and Dawah Centre at the behest of Imam Shabir Ally, a regular guest on The Agenda. “I came away from this encounter with a multitude of thoughts,” he writes, “yet no conclusions.”

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The provincial government is legislating striking teachers to return to the job in Peel, Durham and Sudbury. Unions are saying the Protecting the School Year Act will only exacerbate the issue. Both opposition parties are slamming the Liberals. Parents and children are trying to salvage the school year. Here’s what the province has to say. 

Country of Origin Labelling laws in the United States caused a massive drop in food exports from Canada to its biggest trading partner in recent years. The WTO recently ruled the legislation contravenes international trade agreements—but whether or not the U.S. will follow suit is undecided.