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Sudbury used to be a place people made jokes about because it looked so awful. That Sudbury is long gone. 

During the Business Development Bank of Canada’s Small Business Week, we revisit some interviews talking to Ontario entrepreneurs on how their businesses are preparing for an uncertain future. 

Cities across the province are dealing with oversight failures, but in Sudbury one of the watchdogs is running for mayor.


Ed Clark, chair of a panel looking into the potential privatization and sale of some government assets, concludes the LCBO should stay in government hands -- but that it can be run much better. 


Watch the author discuss her winning work The Massey Murder: A Maid, Her Master and the Trial that Shocked a Country.

Take a bit of time away from your regular routine and go see Alex Colville's exhibit at the Art Gallery of Ontario. You won't be sorry you did. 

Chatelaine asks if Justin Trudeau is the candidate that Canadian women have been waiting for. We ask: what does that even mean?


He once claimed he didn't have the "royal jelly" to be prime minister. But Donald Macdonald did just about everything else in public life. His biography is now out. 


"Citizenship ceremonies had been an unlikely source of confusion for me. When friends or colleagues told stories of uncontrollable tears and celebratory parties complete with cake, I understood but still felt puzzled."

David McCallum, the subject of the TVO-broadcast documentary "David & Me" on his questionable conviction for murder 30 years ago has been cleared by Brooklyn's district attorney.