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The rules for Ontario PC Party leadership convention are complicated and convoluted. And not exciting at all.


Many aboriginal organizations in Ontario, and across the country, oppose new legislation that gives CSIS a much wider set of powers. Will Bill C-51 criminalize protest and subject specific groups to increased surveillance?


The new provincial budget promises billions of dollars for infrastructure, beer sales in grocery stores and the sale of Hydro One.  But in the small cities and towns of northern Ontario, smaller changes are the most significant.


Yvette d’Entremont is known online as “Science Babe.” Her mission: to debunk bad science that circulates widely and easily on the Web. She talks to Steve Paikin about the special ire she has for anybody who discourages parents from vaccinating their children. 


The province faces a growing bottleneck in approving OHIP-covered gender reassignment surgery. As Toronto’s Centre for Addiction and Mental Health struggles with an overload of patient referrals, the transgender community is forced to wait a minimum of two years for surgery.


In a one-on-one interview with Steve Paikin, Toronto journalist Desmond Cole deconstructed the myth of post-racial Canada. Watch him discuss his experiences with racial profiling and his hopes for change under new Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders. 


Earlier this month the Harper government announced it was selling a controlling interest in the Canadian Wheat Board to a joint US-Saudi company. Does this mean Prairie grain will be bound for the Middle East, forcing Canadians to pay more for their bread? 

The Liberal government released its new budget yesterday. Reactions from groups across Ontario came swiftly and strongly. Here, a roundup of key points, including a one-one-interview with finance minister Charles Sousa.