• A feature interview with Canadian journalist Mohamed Fahmy who is on trial in Egypt on terror-related charges.

  • A look at why the Toronto Pan Am Games legacy will be good for Ontario.

  • Author and journalist Michael Harris argues that Prime Minister Stephen Harper has radically altered Canada, so much so that it fundamentally threatens Canadian democracy.

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John Michael McGrath
Friday April 24, 2015

The Liberal government released its new budget yesterday. Reactions from groups across Ontario came swiftly and strongly. Here, a roundup of key points, including a one-one-interview with finance minister Charles Sousa.

Steve Paikin
Thursday April 23, 2015

Every Sunday that America’s 39th president is in his hometown of Plains, Georgia, he teaches at his local Baptist church. Last weekend’s lesson was both remarkable and revealing. 

Tim Alamenciak
Thursday April 23, 2015

The history of mega-sized sports events—the likes of the Olympics, World Cup and Pan Am Games—is full of cautionary tales. After glory is won and lost, host cities are often saddled with expensive, unwieldy and unused stadia and other structures. But in southern Ontario, smart planning has urban experts optimistic about the impact of the 2015 Pan Am Games.

Iman Sheikh
Thursday April 23, 2015

Conventional wisdom and low-interest rates have young Canadians increasingly spending on real estate. They’re also sinking deeper into debt and diverting dollars that could be invested elsewhere. Is buying in the current market actually a good idea? 

Steve Paikin
Wednesday April 22, 2015

No American president has been a former president longer than Jimmy Carter. And no ex-president has had a more potent post-presidency.

John Michael McGrath
Tuesday April 21, 2015

A spate of policy announcements promises billions for infrastructure spending in Ontario. According to the province, that means devoting dollars to complex regional and municipal transportation projects.

Steve Paikin
Monday April 20, 2015

Steve Paikin journeyed to Warm Springs, Georgia to visit former U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s beloved home away from home. He reflects on the power of historical spaces for a self-proclaimed history nut.